Go ahead and fail .. (don't listen to the others)

Everybody says go ahead and “fail” or “fail fast”. That never made any sense to me. How do you fail? From a very young age, we are taught to go to school, aim for excellence and don't fail. Then you are told to go get a job, work really hard, and don't get fired. But as soon as you decide to become an entrepreneur, everybody says “fail fast”. Ain’t that funny.

I think the only time we fail is when we are in school. When teachers decide the marks weren’t good enough and you deserve to get an F. Life doesn't allow you to fail. Life teaches you how to take a beating, get back up and try again. So, for all of you who feel like you failed, you have not failed. You're pivoting. You're adjusting. You're reading in between the lines and waiting for your next chance to attack.



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