How I can help

Many variables can impact the ability of a business to grow and scale. With my background as a serial entrepreneur, past CEO of a marketing and digital agency and 2x founder of incubators, I am uniquely qualified to help to build momentum that impacts revenue and growth.


I help leaders expanding, pivoting or launching a new product/service with,

  • Marketing fit planning

  • Revenue strategy

  • Digital roadmap

  • CRM/Sales process


You are moving fast and building momentum, wearing multiple hats. I help by bringing experience in setting up the startup for momentum, helping to prepare for fundraising and audit, focusing on sales and marketing plans for revenue growth.

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We start by mapping out your business model, digital tools, unfair advantage, USP, ideal customer segment and target market fit. This process also looks at your branding and storytelling.


We review your outbound sales process, traffic sources, conversion and retention KPI to understand the health of the business.


Depending on the time commitment, we work on fixing where needed, increasing momentum where needed and ultimately focus on revenue, growth and profitability.


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17 Stephanie St, 

Toronto, ON


Tel: 416-3029321